Caring for lifesavers who care for you

Cassie Wilmot is a 21-year-old member of Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club. She recently offered chaplaincy care to a 17-year-old patrol member. Cassie shares:

A drowning took place and the patrol member was part of the very small recovery and rescue team. I was asked if I could chat to her after her mother expressed concern.

“After sending her a few messages offering support, she was willing to open up and talk about what had happened for the first time. Two weeks later she had her first shift at the same beach and was very nervous – so I accompanied her as a show of support.

“During this time the most important thing was the power of conversation. We spoke about her seeking more support as she was increasingly affected each day. She was distracted, not sleeping, and dealing with grief. But through our conversations, she found the confidence to seek professional support.

"I am thankful that [Surf] Life Saving supports chaplaincy care in our communities. Patrol members on our beaches experience high levels of responsibility, and pressure to perform, and support for them has been the missing link in some situations.”

Thank you for helping ensure there are accredited chaplains like Cassie to be there for lifesavers around the country. They certainly need your support!

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