He was cared for in a crisis, thanks to you

It had been a bitterly cold and wet Tuesday night training session at Sebastopol FNC, and chaplain Jeff Hardy headed home for a warm dinner.

But as soon as he sat down, his phone rang. One of the Under-19s players was distraught. Could he come back to talk to him?

Jeff immediately jumped in the car.

“The senior captain found this young man in the foetal position, crying and wet,” says Jeff.

“After a long chat, this young guy opened up that several of his mates had suicided recently.”

Jeff listened, calmed him, and encouraged him to seek professional counselling, and then checked in every day to see how he was coping. Not long later, the coach asked Jeff to speak to the Under-19s as a group.

“I shared about speaking out if things were getting to them & don’t bottle it up. I praised the young man in front of the group for accepting help in a time of crisis.

“He is going exceptionally well and we have a close association now. The president, senior coach and senior players told me they were grateful to have a chaplain at their club in a time of crisis.”

And it’s thanks to friends like you that so many clubs like Sebastopol FNC have an accredited, trained chaplain like Jeff to help them in their moments of crisis. Thank you!

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