Raving about Raewyn

Every sporting family is familiar with the hustle and bustle of a Saturday morning at the netball courts, soccer fields or cricket ovals. The noise can be either stress-inducing or invigorating, depending on the day!

And it’s amid the whistles and cheers that Raewyn, chaplain at Gazelles Netball Club, has found her place supporting the players and parents.

Trish Crews, Club President, said, “Raewyn is so good at mingling with people on a Saturday. It’s really important for everyone’s emotional and social wellbeing to have someone there that you can go and talk to when there’s an issue.”

When Raewyn started at Gazelles, people around the club weren’t sure why she’d joined the team. “When I came to a coaches’ and managers’ meeting, people asked, ‘Well, what do you do?’” Raewyn shared with a smile.

But over time, Raewyn has become a valuable member of the Gazelles team. In the words of Kelly, a parent at the club: “Why wouldn’t you have a chaplain, someone that’s offering support to families when they need it?” And Trish has some words of advice for clubs that don’t have a chaplain on the team: “I would absolutely recommend having a sports chaplain as part of your club!”

Thanks to the support of individuals like you, Raewyn and other SCA chaplains are bringing another level of investment to the game for local sporting communities and their families.

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