Even the best athletes experience difficult times, whether it’s bad luck, a slump in form, or just the feeling that nothing you’re trying is helping you win.

In those moments, what separates the top athletes from the rest is how they respond. The best athletes are where they are because they reflect on what’s gone wrong, and act accordingly.

In the same way, Sports Chaplaincy Australia is taking the game to another level through ClubCare Cover, providing critical incident response services when sporting communities need it the most.

ClubCare Cover is a vital service that Sports Chaplaincy Australia is bringing to sporting clubs and their communities across the country. Thanks to your support and through ClubCare Cover, in the most critical times, sporting communities have immediate access to help and professionally accredited pastoral care.

Steve Yeo has been a chaplain to Sydney’s motorsport community since 2012 and, with a personal background in motorcycle racing, knows first-hand the importance of providing support to sporting communities during times of crisis and tragedy.

“Clubs are skilled in running the day to day of their club, but when things in a club’s life aren’t so great, who is it that they can go to?” says Steve. “Just this week in a Sydney boardroom an association shared with me that Sports Chaplaincy Australia is their go-to organisation when they need help; when it comes to supporting their people.

It’s the nature of life, especially in sports – things go wrong, and people do get hurt. That’s why it’s so important that more clubs and sporting associations, through ClubCare Cover, get the support they need to invest in their athletes and their wider community when tragedy and crisis strike.

“To have someone coming alongside a club during a critical incident is vital. The vast majority of Australians are connected to sport in some form, so responding well makes a difference across the whole country.”

ClubCare Cover is available to sporting clubs across Australia, offering vital support in times of the greatest need.

If you would like to find out more about how your sporting club or association can receive the support you need when crisis strikes, through ClubCare Cover please contact us on 1300 518 058.

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