Will and his team get the emergency care they need

Young football player Will was a keen member of the East Sandringham Junior Football Club. So, when he broke his neck in a tragic accident and ended up in intensive care, the club president, Rick Bierens, knew both Will and his entire team would need support.

“When the news came that Will had been seriously injured, it was devastating. It hit the club very hard. Will was well known within the club, and well regarded. His father, Nick, was a coach, and [had] won the premiership in the previous season,” shares Rick.

Thankfully, the East Sandringham Club had invested in a ClubCare Cover subscription, so they were able to gain emergency access to a professionally trained sports chaplain.

“We reached out and, virtually immediately, we had a response. We were able to sit down, have a chat and understand exactly what Sports Chaplaincy Australia could do,” Rick recalls.

Sports chaplain Andy Mitchell worked alongside the players and their families to help them come to terms with the accident – and the devastating news that Will was now quadriplegic

“We couldn’t be happier with the support we’ve received. Focusing on the welfare of the rest of the team of players was important for us, providing sufficient support and welfare for the parent group, as well as the playing group,” says Rick.

Andy recognises that his role as a sports chaplain was crucial for the club at this moment, but is quick to say, “I think sports clubs are already incredible community hubs, [where] there are lots of people who care for one another really well. We’re there to provide that extra layer of care for people in a time of crisis.”

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