You’re investing in sportspeople at every level


While the spotlight in sport is most often on the players, coaches and supporters, your investment behind the scenes helps care for the staff members and club boards, too.

At Netball NSW, CEO Carolyn Campbell was forced to make the incredibly difficult decision of standing down more than 70 staff. Those who had to leave suffered – and so did those who remained.

But a recent phone call from Carolyn to chaplain Raewyn Elsegood led to an emergency session with the Netball NSW executive, where Raewyn was given the opportunity to provide care and to help the staff process the previous few months.

“They’re looking for guidance” says Raewyn. “So I explained to them that we believe that we’re responding to grief. Everybody’s lost something. Something traumatic has happened, and we have to respond to it somehow.”

Raewyn says that just starting the process made a significant impact …

“Everyone just got this calmness. They all started nodding and acknowledging the feelings of grief …"

CEO Carolyn Campbell was so impressed by the impact of SCA’s support, she later commented:

“I believe that pastoral care is the missing piece of the puzzle in caring for our staff.”

The staff at Netball NSW – and many other sports clubs – are so thankful for your support, which has helped them process and respond to the challenges of this incredibly difficult year.

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