You’re supporting a local community

In a season of social isolation, you’re partnering with Sports Chaplains to find more opportunities than ever before for pastoral care – and for people to experience God’s love in action.

Liz, a busy mother of four and chaplain at Hills Knights soccer club in Sydney’s north-west, explains that in this season, she’s been amazed by the demand for pastoral care in sports clubs in the area:

“COVID has opened up a huge amount of doors to the church. We’ve got heads of sport who’ve been contacting our New South Wales coordinator … they’ve been asking for chaplains to help pastorally care for their staff and their players and their committees.”

She’s made herself part of the fabric at Hills Knights, especially within the special-needs community at the club. Liz shares:

“Every Saturday for an hour they have their own time of playing soccer … I go along to every one of those just to build relationships and get to know them. Often when I approach a parent they’ll ask, ‘What are you doing here?’ And I say, ‘Well, I’m actually here just to love you and to serve you and help whichever way I can.’

“And that’s opened up numerous conversations. They’re blown away because that’s very unusual to them that anyone would actually help out and just care for them.”

As a member of Norwest Anglican church, Liz sees her work as an extension of the church’s ministry to the local community...

“A few years ago I heard a statistic that only 15% of Australians were actually involved in church on a regular basis. I also heard at the same time that 70% of Australians were involved in some sort of sport or sporting community.

“If I don’t go out – and if we don’t go out – to be Jesus’ hands and feet to these people, they might not ever get the opportunity to meet Christians and to know Jesus’ love.”

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