Young Footballers receive care during the pandemic

It’s easy to forget that, amidst the pandemic, other crises are coming and going.

Chaplain Bibe Brown shares how she was urgently needed after a tragic incident in an under-16 Victorian football league. It was just after the pandemic hit Australia when a young athlete suddenly passed away. Bibe had only just reconnected with the league to support the staff, but she was called upon for the young athletes right away.

“It was really shocking for that whole community ... some of them were angry. He was an awesome team player; he always had their backs.”

Bibe had the opportunity to spend time with the young men on that team, allowing them to come to terms with their grief. She says:

“They started encouraging one another to share their feelings and process it. One person said it was like speaking to someone in their life that they could relate to, ‘Like speaking to my big sister’.”

Thank you for making sure amazing chaplains like Bibe are always there to invest in players and their clubs through ClubCare Cover’s Critical Incident Response.

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