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Dean Vickerman coaches Melbourne United NBL team. He’s worked with two sports chaplains throughout his career and believes they play a key role in building a healthy culture within club sports. He shares his perspective as a basketball coach:

“A chaplain’s role is about them forming really strong relationships with all members in the club. Some people are going to take a little time; some are going to be in the relationship earlier. So it’s just being around enough that the players can build trust.

“In our reviews each season, we ask the players, ‘Did you use the chaplain? If you had a problem, would you?’ There’s always really positive feedback with them saying, ‘Yes, if I had a problem, I’d definitely go and speak to him.’

“One of my chaplains really helped me improve in a leadership aspect of my coaching. He knew about personality traits, so we worked with different players on the team and discovered how they learned best.

“Our current chaplain is all about trying to make people better in their life. I love my discussions with him. We have a monthly catch-up on all things, like what’s going on with my family, my fitness, and how I’m getting balance in my life. He certainly helps me.”

Thank you for helping create a healthy, positive culture within sports clubs!

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