Sports chaplains invest in helping people win at life

Thank you for starting your journey towards becoming a sports chaplain. By partnering with SCA, you’ll be given extensive training for providing an unmatched level of pastoral care.

To get started, Sign up for a training event or if you have already have you can fill out the Accreditation Application below: Note you will need to login.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Our relationship with Christ & others is our ministry
  • We are authentic people
  • We serve indiscriminately
  • We are servant leaders
  • We are always a guest
  • We are unpaid volunteers
  • We don’t go alone
  • We do ministry to & not through
  • We are catalysts for growth
  • We make time
  • We are visible (visibility is credibility)
  • We are discerning
  • We keep it unencumbered/pure
  • We build people
  • We’re comfortable inviting response
  • We are confidential
  • We’re trustworthy-we respect the office of chaplain

SCA Chaplain Standards

The next step in your application is to meet certain minimum criteria. We also require you to complete at least our Level 1 Training course prior to accreditation.

The following are the minimum criteria:

  • A clear sense of calling to serve as a sports chaplain
  • Evidence of effective ministry with your local church
  • Endorsement by your local church regarding your suitability
  • Regular pastoral accountability and church attendance
  • An appreciation of the pastoral care needs of the sporting community and a capacity to respond to those needs
  • A commitment to promptly complete our Level 2 Training course (Certificate in Sports Chaplaincy)

If you are unsure of any prerequisites, please contact our Membership Team.

Once your completed application, including supporting documentation, has been received by our office we will assess your information, contact your referees, and have your SCA Member Referee contact you for an interview. After this procedure has been completed, you’ll be notified of your suitability and, if successful, awarded your accreditation.

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