ClubCare Cover

Complete care that has your 
sporting community covered.

If you need immediate Support please call: 1300 518 058

Every year, 14 million Australians participate in sport across the country. We’re a nation of athletes, and our local sporting clubs are at the heart of our communities. The connections built within sporting teams are incredibly powerful, as players and their families grow strong relationships and support each other through the challenges and triumphs of their sporting lives.
But within these communities, sometimes difficult things happen. And when they do, they take the responsibilities of clubs to another level. Players face serious injuries, a beloved team member becomes sick, or a tragic loss strikes without warning. These critical incidents take all by surprise, and they can be overwhelming to manage for everyone involved.
It’s why it’s so important to know you’re covered, with the right support measures  in place to provide effective care for your  clubs’ athletes, staff and volunteers when  crisis strikes. 
And it’s why Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA) exists – to bring another level of investment to the game. Experience shows that seeing the best possible performance involves a holistic approach to develop the complete athlete.

You can invest in the lives of your sporting community with the cover they’ll need to support them in crisis.

Support, when the clubs in your association need it most

When a club you represent has a critical incident, traumatic loss, suicide, severe injury or difficult moment, ClubCare Cover can provide the crisis support needed as soon as required. Too often coaches, managers and club officials are not equipped to handle all the life and wellbeing needs of their players, staff members and wider sporting community. In the event of a crisis, you and all your association leadership need peace of mind. So, through ClubCare Cover, it’s reassuring to know you’re covered. And that’s through accredited sports chaplains who will provide that immediate, critical incident pastoral care for all the members of your sporting community as needed.

Your cover provides:

Access to critical incident services that are ready to respond day or night.

Connection with a network of accredited sports chaplains, professionally trained in pastoral care and crisis response.

Your own on-call Association Chaplain dedicated to all the clubs within your association.

A 1300 number for rapid, responsive care.

Grief and loss debriefing.

Ongoing support and resources to equip you for difficult situations so you are ready to handle whatever life throws at your sporting community.

Assistance with referrals to healthcare professionals such as psychologists and other mental health professionals.

Support you can trust

For thirty years, Sports Chaplaincy Australia has been committed to bringing another level to the game by investing in the complete athlete. Beyond on-field performance, sports chaplains are dedicated to ensuring sporting communities are living their best. ClubCare Cover is a service that’s aimed at ensuring your sporting community is covered when crisis strikes and you need it the most.
Highly trained
All our responding sports chaplains are accredited and trained in complete pastoral care and crisis response, ready to support  your sporting community when needed.
Experienced chaplains
Beyond serving the sporting community, Sports Chaplaincy Australia chaplains  have served in major incidents such as  the Victorian bushfires, Bali bombings,  and Queensland cyclones.
Trusted on  all levels
Sports Chaplaincy Australia operates in partnership with some of country’s biggest sporting codes and clubs – including the NRL, the AFL, Athletics Australia, Football NSW, Netball NSW, Rugby Australia and Motorsport Australia. But it’s not just about the big leagues. Sports chaplains also support local sporting communities and their athletes of all ages  and skill levels. 
Lasting support
When Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh was found unresponsive in his home, the president of the club called on Chaplain Mark Purser to help. At 4:30 am, Mark answered the phone, and supported players as they arrived in the morning, many of them in tears. The Crows continue to call on their chaplain for support and encouragement during the most difficult times.
There for the whole community
While playing football for his beloved team, the Albury Tigers, James McQuillan sustained a devastating spinal injury. The moment was witnessed by many in the club, the opposing team and the crowd. After James was airlifted to Melbourne, ClubCare Cover was activated immediately and three chaplains were engaged to support all involved, including James himself.
Supporting players when tragedy or crisis strikes.