Critical Incidents & Trauma Events in Sport

Responding to tough times with open hands, a clear head and warm heart.

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Nation-Wide Care Program for Australian Sports by Sports Chaplaincy Australia

SCA is now providing an Australia-wide CRITICAL INCIDENT support service for sports leagues & associations to care for their members during tough times. If a club has a critical incident, traumatic loss, suicide, severe injury or difficult moment – a crisis care chaplain will serve the club when required. Our chaplains are first-responders who provide critical incident pastoral care and assist with professional referral for members if and when needed. The program provides peace-of-mind to clubs Presidents and Committees who often carry the burden alone.

Quick 2 minute video on how ClubCare works

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Understanding & Compassionate

Our personnel understand sports and sports communities. They show respect and are sensitive to the different cultures, people, age groups, expectations and religious affiliations contained in any club. With open hands, a warm heart and clear thinking our ClubCare Managers will work in-step with the needs of your club delegates.

Experience in Critical Incident

Our qualified & experienced personnel have served during major incidents such as the Victorian Bushfires, Bali Bombings, Asian Tsunami and Queensland Cyclones. Our network provides over 3000 pastoral care debriefs each year in sports like Surfing, Lifesaving, Motorsports, AFL, NRL, ARU, during major sports events and in local sports communities.

Reach & Responsiveness

The first 72 hours are critical in the support of communities undergoing loss or trauma. With over 210,000 care hours provided to more than 600 sports communities our reach extends across cities and rural communities. In fact, nowhere is too hard – from outback WA to the heart of Balmain. Our team is mobile – we come to you in a timely manner.