COVID-19 Update

Sporting seasons may have been cancelled, but as Australians we’re culturally strong and ready to help those who are struggling, as mateship is core to our DNA! 
Right now, 500-plus sports chaplains across the country are taking support to another level by serving athletes, their families and communities in these unprecedented days.

 The Coronavirus pandemic has presented new challenges, but also new opportunities to develop innovative ways of helping sporting communities navigate crisis.
Michael Pailthorpe (CEO)

Some ways you can be caring for your sporting community and encouraging your teammates


  • Self-care is essential at this time. Take a walk each day and listen to the world around you,
  • Adapt your home space to best work from, play an active game with your family. 


  • Serve the sporting community you’re a part of in any way you can. This will require simply being a trusted contact for people as lay-offs happen, and life is uncertain.
  • Ring your club president, association president and check in on how they are going, give them your name and number and give them permission to pass it on to anyone that needs a listening ear or support with what they are experiencing.
  • Get creative with how you stay in regular contact with those you serve, as they really need a calm listening ear right now. Online, postal service, phone are all ways of asking if someone is ok? Giving words of encouragement and send gifts/resources.
  • Check in with your club leaders as they are making some hard decisions.Sport will come back, and when it does you want them to remember someone has cared for them. 

Serving through a critical incident:

  • Coronavirus is a critical incident and there is a need to respond as such. Figure out how you can reach small groups of people that are grieving, organise an online group so that they can reflect on their loss, of what it used to look like, what it now needs to look like and how they move forward into the future through this change.
  • If a sport contacts you due to a death, please contact Sports Chaplaincy for ways in which this is being approached nationally.