Our specialised training is provided to increase your skills

You may already be a sports chaplain, and you’ve discovered that there are issues within your sports community that you need to know more about.

Or, you may be a church member who wants to better care for your local community when they go through difficult times.

Our specialised training courses are available to bring you additional skills and understandings that will help you provide the support that your community needs.

Our primary specialised course is Incident Responder training, which has been used by both our chaplains and local churches to bring outstanding care to communities when they experience a crisis.

Incident Responder Training

Our main specialised course is Incident Responder training, which gives information and a straightforward approach towards leading and participating in a pastoral care response to critical incidents that occur in a sports community. You do not need to be an accredited chaplain to complete this training, however it is requiired for accreditation as an Incident Responder with SCA. It consists of 5 hours of face-to-face instruction and skills development. .

Other Specialised Training

Other specialised training is organised on demand in areas such as Mental Health First Aid and Athlete Wellbeing. We can also recommend external courses that provide additional skills. If you are interested in attending a specialised course that is not currently scheduled, please contact us, or express interest in specific topics below.

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