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Making a difference in the sporting community

While Sports Chaplains are increasingly becoming a standard part of club life, you might be asking “Why do we need a chaplain?” or “Where does a chaplain fit in a sports club?”

Apart from primarily providing ‘Pastoral Care’, our chaplains also provide:

  • Someone to help you build a healthy and strong sports community.
  • Investment in caring for the whole person – on and off the field. 
  • Tools to equip your club to deal with the life and wellbeing needs of players, staff members and wider sporting community through sports chaplaincy.


Present when clubs need it most.

Immediate response

when incidents, traumatic loss, injury, and difficult moments strike in your community.

Ongoing support and resources

to equip your community to navigate all seasons of life.


with identifying when further professional health support is needed.

How are you making a difference?

Partnering with Sports Chaplaincy Australia will help to make a significant difference in the lives of your community.

Your generosity will help chaplains as they work to build strong, healthy communities.

You can help ensure that athletes, coaches and support staff across the country receive the care, support, and guidance they need to thrive on and off the field.


Starts Orientation Training for 7 potential chaplains in your community, city or state.


Funds Incident Response support for 1 club when crisis occurs in the community.


Provides Sports Chaplaincy Training for 2 chaplains in your community, city or state.


Makes the chaplaincy journey possible for 1 new chaplain over 3 years – including identifying, training, accrediting, resourcing and guiding.


Enables 25 people to undertake the Present People Course, equipping them with effective tools to make a real difference in a community.

Questions or queries?

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