How Chaplains Help Clubs

What do SCA
chaplains do?

Chaplains play a crucial role in providing spiritual, emotional and mental support to athletes, coaches, staff, and their families in local sporting clubs and communities. They are trained to provide appropriate care and support for all that life throws at you. 

SCA chaplains work closely with the club’s leadership to build a healthy community that promotes overall wellbeing on and off the field. In addition to providing care and support to individuals, our chaplains also facilitate the development of sustainable care strategies and provide resources to better equip your community to foster a safe, supportive environment. 


The role of a chaplain

Community Clubs

  • Invests in caring for the whole person – on and off the field.
  • Provides proactive pastoral care and reactive spiritual care.
  • Equips club with tools to deal with the life and wellbeing needs of players, staff members and the wider sporting community.
  • A trusted confidant within the sports community.
  • Support when incidents, traumatic loss, injury, and difficult moments strike in your community.

Elite Clubs

  • Cares for the complete athlete – body, mind and soul.
  • Can provide an essential athlete wellbeing and support service.
  • Wider support to team personnel – including corporate, medical, psychological, fitness and coaching staff.
  • Emotional support – helping to navigate the pressures of a high-performance environment.
  • Assistance with identifying when further health professional support is needed.

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