Chaplaincy in your Church

Present. To bring the kingdom near.

Partnering with Sports Chaplaincy Australia provides the opportunity to play a key role in major gathering places in your community – your local sports clubs.

SCA provides the training, accreditation, and the connections with sport.

Benefits for your church

More mature disciples of Christ

Relationships with Jesus will grow through serving in your local mission field.

Increased engagement with your community

By your people being intentionally present.

A positive attitude towards your church

Meet the needs of people outside your church, through proactive pastoral care and responsive spiritual care.

Our Stories: Making an impact through chaplains in sport.

“Sports chaplaincy is a key strategy for churches in terms of reaching communities”. 

– Bendigo Baptist Church

Bendigo Baptist Church

A heart to reach the local community

Through their partnership with Sports Chaplaincy Australia, they have been able to train up and send out multiple chaplains into various sporting clubs and are now connected to thousands of people in their local community.

Senior Pastor, Dave Lovell, says that this ministry has positioned them in the wider community to be the “go-to” people when they are in a time of need.

Being present and available in this way has resulted in lots of opportunities to engage. This has included:

  • people building relationships
  • discussing faith
  • attending church for events, marriage counselling, weddings, funerals and more!

“I think sports chaplaincy is a key for churches in terms of reaching communities. We could put on the best show every Sunday and we wouldn’t have this entire community of Bendigo wanting to get to church here. So part of our strategy is going to the community.”

St Paul’s Castle Hill

Sports chaplaincy – an official church ministry

These days ‘sports chaplaincy’ is an official ministry of the church, with training events, recruitment drives and systems of care for the chaplains. St.Paul’s now has 9 sports chaplains scattered throughout various sports communities. 

When someone connected to the sporting club passed away, St.Paul’s offered their building and services for the funeral. Hundreds of people from the community attended as the chaplains and staff at St. Paul’s served them as they grieved.

“Sport is a big part of life. It’s a way of life! Each sporting club is a community of thousands of people. As a church, we see connecting to sporting communities as a key way for reaching a wider and broader community for Jesus.

Want training in being present in any context (not just sports)?

Consider Present People.