Working with Sports Governing Bodies

Sports Chaplaincy Australia collaborates with Associations, Leagues, State, and National Sporting bodies, offering essential Chaplaincy and Incident Response support services to foster the well-being of their sports and sporting communities. 


With a remarkable 39-year history, SCA has been consistently delivering comprehensive and inclusive care, extending its support from grassroots local clubs to national and elite sports organisations. SCA’s partnership approach centres around cultivating healthy and esteemed cultures within sports communities. 

Financial arrangements with Sports Governing Bodies (SSOs) are tailored to their pastoral care needs, financial capabilities, and the scope of chaplaincy support required from SCA. Sports entities have the flexibility to opt for a ClubCare subscription covering all affiliated clubs or engage in personalised negotiations for Incident Response support services and/or chaplaincy care. 

Trained and accredited Association Chaplains are strategically placed within SCA’s partnering Associations, Leagues, State, and National Sporting bodies, serving as a crucial point of contact and unwavering support for the sport, its personnel, and affiliated sporting entities.

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