Churches + sports chaplains = the kingdom of God brought to the community.

In 1959 an estimated 3 million people — nearly a third of Australia’s population at the time — attended a Crusade event.

  • These Crusades were funded by generous gospel patrons who saw the kingdom potential.
  • The church was engaged as the driving force behind the events.
  • The kingdom impact is still being felt today.

How are you making a difference?

Partnering with Sports Chaplaincy Australia will help to make a significant difference in the lives of your community. Your generosity will support chaplains as they work to build strong, healthy communities. You can help ensure that athletes, coaches, support staff and families across the country receive the care, support, and guidance they need to thrive on and off the field.


Orientation Training for 7 potential chaplains in your church, city or state.


Funds Incident Response support for 1 club when crisis occurs in the community.


Advanced Training of 3 chaplains in your church, city or state.


Funds the chaplaincy journey for 1 new chaplain over 3 years.


Enables 25 people from your church to undertake the Present People course.

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