Taking all our athletes to another level – by caring for them completely

For over 30 years as sports chaplains, Sports Chaplaincy Australia has been cheering on Aussie athletes at every level – both on and off the field. And that’s by providing trusted pastoral care to invest in the wellbeing of Australia’s sporting community.

Whether your team is elite or grassroots, our professionally trained chaplains can help lift their performance to another level by caring for the complete athlete – body, mind and soul. 

We understand the challenges that you’re facing in this competitive world of sport. And so  we’re standing ready to help guide and champion the life of every athlete. 

Because we believe every Australian athlete is worth investing in completely.

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Athletes matter

An athletic life is all about performance. To make it to the top, you have to perform at your best – week in, week out.

But it’s the complete athlete who performs at their peak. To make that happen, they need another level of investment that cares for the whole person – so they win at life.

That’s why many athletes say that sports chaplain is the most important person on the team. Because with a sports chaplain cheering them on behind the scenes, they’re empowered to take their performance to the next level, both on and off the field.

"…So more and more I believe chaplains are a much-needed resource in our game. I think a lot of clubs don’t even realise the value they bring. It’s time to change that thinking."

Craig Bellamy, Melbourne Storm Coach, NRL

"It’s true many people make a sports club successful. At the ‘people end’ of success you can’t go without a club chaplain. They’re there during the good and tough times!"

Neale Daniher, former Melbourne Football Club Coach, AFL

Pastoral care
Sports chaplains provide industry-leading support to athletes of all levels and ages. They are private, caring professionals showing grace and mercy.

More team spirit
Many athletes say that the chaplain is the most important member of the team, bringing stability and a whole-of-life approach to the club.

A trusted person you can turn to
Your new chaplain has undergone a rigorous accreditation process and abides by a professional Code of Conduct.

Specialised skills
Sports chaplains receive specialised training and have extensive experience. Pastoral carers, not counsellors, they give your club a higher level of investment.

Help at hand
Your club will have someone always ready when there’s a private need or major incident that needs a helping hand and caring voice.

Their personal commitment to your club
Your sports chaplain won’t just be an outsider, as if on call. They’ll be present, friendly, and known by your members.

Help to improve your club’s health
Your chaplain will be committed to ensuring that the club is a stable, caring community, founded on a healthy model of respect and care.

A listening ear
The club chaplain will provide members a safe space – by listening to athletes and club members when they’re going through tough times, without judgement.

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